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In a world where entrepreneurship is so large and only getting larger, you need to stay on top of all the latest tools available for your small business’s success...

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“I had the pleasure to  work with SHS Consulting and I appreciate it, the working atmosphere is so professional.”

A. Sidick
CEO of Oshara

Production Efficiency​
Business Intelligence Strategic Studies & decision optimization
Conseptualizing & Strengthening Business Models
Market Development​​

"Goal without a Plan

 is just a Wish " 


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 

Management Efficiency
Business Planning 
Marketing Strategy & Communication Planning​​

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Our senior Consultants  experiences cover the most vast markets going from North America, Middle East,  Europe,  Northern and western  Africa.
Fields of activity are also varied such as Mass-market retailing, Government agencies and the NGO, Mobile telephony, Financial services, Software development, Manufacturing industries, Real Estate, Mining, Agriculture, Food & Beverage Businesses, Hotels, Textile, Olive Oil, Wineries,...

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